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Check it out for a behind the scenes look at how The boy with an orange for a head was made!

The boy with an orange for a head

The Boy With An Orange For A Head…


Little Neville was a young boy with an orange for a head. When I asked him how he got it, he just smiled at me and said…

Some days, even a walk to school can turn out to be an amazing adventure…

Meet Neville, the boy with an orange for a head, and his friend Zachary, as Neville retells the tale of how he got an orange for a head.


Robot Kind

Once upon a distant future, roamed a robot named Ambrosia,

Questing over ashen meadow since the downfall of mankind.

Via girder trees with wire bough, electric sheep and robot cow,

Outmoded farms with human plough, searching till her gears would grind.

All the while repeating, teaching, the advice to keep in mind:

“All New Robots – Please. Be. Kind”.

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